What is
Project Portal?

Project Portal is a multi-lingual, multi-user web-based groupware suite for Programme & Project Management. Project Portal is still in development and is not yet released.

With Project Portal organizations can provide their employees with a state of the art Project Management solution so they can work together more efficiently and productively. Project Portal allows Project Managers to create a Project Workspace for their project so people from different locations around the world can participate.

Project Portal is developed using cutting-edge technologies and runs on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Because Project Portal is entirely web-based, it is accessible from anywhere, allowing people to check in, perform tasks, communicate with colleagues, and access information all through just a browser. Another key advantage of a web based system, of course, is the lack of any client-side software, meaning there is no need to roll out, install, and configure software on each employee's machine.

Project Portal provides a fully configurable web workspace with all the modules you'll need for your Project Management.

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Project Portal is looking for developers who want to participate in the project, see the Jobs section on the forum for more information.

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